Who Is Supergirl’s Agent of Liberty?

Who Is The Agent of Liberty?

Agent Liberty wideFirst off, it seems to be the year for more obscure fan favorites of DC Comics lore to be brought into the live action realm. “TITANS” showcasing Hawk & Dove, and now Supergirl doing what appears to be a season-long arch that features Agent Liberty showcases the fact that showrunners are not hesitant to delve into the deep mythology of the DC Universe.

In Supergirl’s 4th season, the Agent of Liberty is portrayed by Sam Witwer of the Smallville Alumni as a thought-provoking leader of the”Children of Hope.” An anti-alien human- first hate group. A far cry from who he was and has been in the actual comic book character’s ethos over the years.

History of Liberty

Agent_LibertyAgent Liberty was first introduced to the comic book world in October of 1991, in Superman Vol 2 #60. Created by Dan Jurgens, Benjamin Lockwood is an ex CIA operative who joined a paramilitary group called the Sons of Liberty after being completely appalled at the missions he was told to carry out. The Sons gave Lockwood his uniform, weaponry, and abilities. In Liberty’s quest to help the Sons overthrow the then current government regime puts him at odds with Superman after he is asked to assassinate politician Pete Ross. Disgusted with this request, Lockwood leaves the Sons and goes on to be a solo act. Agent Liberty got his very own comic in 1992 with Agent Liberty Special #1

In the very last recorded appearance of Agent Liberty in comics, Lockwood finds out that one of the founders of the Sons of Liberty was his former CIA mentor. After finding this out, he burns the Agent Liberty uniform and vows to never wear it again. Although he later breaks that vow in Infinite Crisis, which is a WHOLE OTHER ARTICLE…

AgentlibertydeathLiberty comes out of retirement to be a member of the president’s security detail, helping supervise and monitor the actions of waves of Kryptonians that have arrived from Kandor, The Bottled City, After investigating the connections to not only Lex Luthor, but General Sam Lane, Agent Liberty is murdered by Superwoman for spying on Luthor and Sam Lane. Lockwood’s body was dumped in the Metropolis Harbor where it was discovered by a group of boaters. Metropolis Metacrimes investigator Mike Henderson was the lead on the murder investigation, but before he could remove Agent Liberty’s helmet, revealing it to be Lockwood to the world, Lucy Lane confiscated the body from the Metropolis City Hospital


During his time with the Sons of Liberty, he was a member of the Justice League, however short-lived it might have been. This was notably during the Death of Superman comic book arc.

Be sure to watch Supergirl season 4 for more on their take of Agent Liberty!


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