The CW plans crossover musical between The Flash and Supergirl

In November or December, producer Greg Berlanti said at the Television Critics Association press tour that  sometime next winter, there will be a musical crossover between Supergirl and Flash — shows that include such singers as Grant Gustin (former Glee star, Jeremy Jordan(formerly of Smash) and Melissa Benoist (also a former Glee star.)

“Some of you may know my own personal love of musicals and the people who act in them,” said Berlanti. “So many times it’s a musical episode off the set…On all of our shows, we like to use our actors’ talents as much as possible.”

Berlanti admits “There are a lot of time travel shows these days,” but . “there’s only one where (Tomorrow star) Victor Garber will be singing Edelweiss to a bunch of Nazis.”

Musical scores aren’t the only new things coming into Berlanti’s universe. “The Flash” will

Dr. Alchemy also known as Mister Element

be introducing Alchemy and Saboteur, and if you don’t know who Dr. Alchemy is, click here; “Supergirl” is adding Mon-El (played by Christopher Wood), Miss Martian (Sharon Leal) and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) to their line-up; and “Arrow”, which will be doing their last season of flashbacks; set in Russia-has cast Dolph Lundgren as a villain.


Mon-El of The Legion of Superheroes,  Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League

There is also a pivotal change coming to one of the characters that we already know. A “significant” player on one of the shows is going to come out as gay, but no word on who or where. Berlanti stated that he wants to keep the reveal a surprise for viewers.


  • Article information gathered and summarized by: Jay Christoph
  • Information provided by: USA TODAY

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