Article written by: Jay Christoph

Since the announcement of Krypton, way back in 2014, information has not been in abundance. Thankfully, for the show, it has picked up speed since SyFy officially ordered a pilot this past May.


For those unfamiliar with the concept of Krypton, the show will revolve around Superman/Kal-El’s grandfather , Seg-El, who is on a journey to redeem the name of the house of El.

A BIT OF NEWSImage result for georgina campbell

The show has found its first lead cast member in Georgina Campbell, who is poised to play Lyta Zod. Her official description sheds some light on Campbell’s character.

Campbell’s Lyta Zod is a member of Krypton’s military caste and the daughter of a general, Alura Zod. Lyta Zod serves as a cadet — and has also been having a clandestine, forbidden romance with Seg-El (not cast yet).

Krypton’s executive producers will be David S. Goyer and Damian Kindler. There is still no timetable for the airing date of the pilot. One can only hope it will be within the next year of upcoming shows for SyFy.


The “forbidden romance” intrigues me on two levels. The first being that of their last names being El and Zod. The second is the idea that this forbidden romance could provide a new take on the blood fued between Kal-El and Zod.


Alura Zod is known in comic lore as the wife of Kryptonian scientist Zor-El and the mother of Kara Zor-El (Supergirl).

Seyg-El of the house of El


Seg-El, originally pronounced as Seyg-El, was the father of Jor-El and was also royalty of the house of El. Seg-El, in the comics was made to mate by the Master of the Ge

Flamebird and Nightwing

station Chambers, after being selected by the Register of Citizens to mate with a woman of a compatible lineage.



Another possibility within the show, and may not be a sought after attribute in Superman fans, is the chance to hear more about the Book of Rao, and the Kryptonian belief systems. It could also give us a chance to hear about Flamebird and Nightwing, the god and goddess that Kryptonians have worshipped for centuries.


Despite the finite amount of possibilities that Krypton could introduce, it could also suffocate itself, if not done properly. It feels more like a prequel to another prequel (Smallville.) It will be interesting to see how it differentiates the stories.

Another severe problem that the show may encounter, is that it is under a red sun, meaning that no being throughout the planet would be endowed with superhuman powers or abilities, making it essentially a scientific drama, which even the most die-hard of Superman fans may truly dislike and cause the show to drop off in its freshman season, due to poor ratings and an even poorer fan reception.


Beside the obvious choices of direction that could ultimately result in Krypton’s demise, the show merits much promise. If Goyer and Kindler can handle the writing capabilities correctly, it could be a smooth sailing adventure from one point to another. We could see Superman’s ancestry brought to life in a form of media that is not an introduction to a show, or movie, and let the El family take on a whole new life of their own; making a place in the Superman mythos, once and for all.

On the flipside of them living under the red sun, we could be introduced to what they were like without the abilities that the yellow sun provides to them. Will they struggle to find food, struggle to believe in each other’s capabilities of leadership (they eventually do,) and struggle to see the threat that the house of Zod could pose to the beloved El family.


I hope that as I close this article, my wants and wishes for the show will come to life, and the “pitfalls” will not. I go into this show with slightly raised hopes, but not a very ambitious outlook on it. Will you be watching for Krypton??


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