Interview With Carlos Farias of Wicked Comics On Clownman

It has been eleven very long months since we last spoke to Farias on the proceedings of his comic book “Clownman” – With the release of it coming just a few short weeks ago, Earth 7269 got to have a candid Q&A with the creator/publisher. And on a side note.. What a way to get the website back up!


EARTH: Since we last spoke in February, a lot has happened! Aside from your first comic being released(Clownman), what has been going on in the Wicked Universe?

FARIAS: Hi JT! good to be back my friend. A lot has been stirring up since we last spoke. Killswitch issue 1 is getting to the final stages; should be on sale and ready to go in the next three months. Our third official comic “DragonMasters” is gonna be the next comic dropping soon. I know you been waiting for that one Ha. “Bloodstone” will be released after Dragonmasters. I think we will have a good diverse line up for the fans out there.

EARTH: Oh! Can’t wait for “DragonMasters” With Clownman being published after all this time.. What does it feel like as a creator to see and hold your own work in your hands?

FARIAS: 2. It’s a surreal experience.. You put all this time , effort and when you finally have it in your hands.. It’s really satisfying that all the hard work finally paid off.

It takes double or triple the time for me to make an issue since I do everything myself. From the coloring, drawing, story and marketing process.

EARTH: That is pretty amazing how you do all those things for your comics. Now on a selfish note.. I gotta know when DragonMasters is coming! Can you tell us any information about DM or any other projects going on?

FARIAS: Dragonmasters is finally all inked up and ready for color! It’s gonna be a 24 page issue and I’m really excited for it.

I grew up watching Masters of the Universe and reading Conan comics. People that have seen some of the art (from the book) say it reminds them of those types of genres, but completely different.

It’s a diverse world of all types of Dragons and Dragon Slayers so I’m really looking forward to finally releasing it. You’ll get to see a struggle between the Masters ( those who fight along the good side of the Dragon eye) and Slayers (those who chose the dark side of the eye). Draco is one of the protagonists and he sets out on this journey alongside Ragnar (the magician) and the Masters to try and defeat the Slayers ,those who killed his father and most of his people of his kingdom.

“Killswitch” is the second comic to release and it tells the story of criminal Mark Roberts .He gets subjected to a deadly program to create the perfect kill agent. In the story you will see other agents created in similar programs trying to kill him.

He has no recollections of his past and that’s how the issue starts. He’s trying to find out more about the program who created him

EARTH:Where can people purchase Clownman #1?

FARIAS: You can get Clownman issue 1 through the Wicked Comics website for 9.99 with free shipping or you can paypal your paymebt directly to

I’ll be opening a store section as well where people can purchase other Wicked Merchandise as well. T-shirts, trading cards, custom action figures, etc.. Anything related to the Wicked Universe will be on there.

5:I want to thank you for your time, Carlos. It has been a pleasure getting to watch your comic come to fruition. I know it was no easy task. What did you take away from thus that may help other aspiring creators?

6: Finally we bring this candid Q&A to a close. Thank you for all of your time. In closing.. What would you like to tell our readers?

FARIAS: Thanks! I really appreciate you having me back. I found out how hard it is to finish up one issue as well as trying to complete several issues at the same time. I was working on three issues simultaneously when I was doing Clownman and it’s very time consuming, but worth it in the end.

You have to be very driven to make comics on your own because it’s no easy task and I respect anybody who does it on their own.

EARTH: Finally we bring this candid Q&A to a close. Thank you for all of your time. In closing.. What would you like to tell our readers?

6.Thanks JT, its always fun to answer any questions that you have. This is just the beginning! With over 120 plus characters in the universe and hundreds of stories, the sky is the limit. Lookout for Killswitch next and DragonMasters following after that.

To all the fans out there: Thanks for the support. I am looking forward to your feedback on the comics.

Thanks again JT. Always have a great time with you and the Earth comic reviews.

A major thank you to Farias of Wicked Comics.

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