Brian Michael Bendis: Rebuilding The Man Of Steel

Article by Jordan Christein

When the news of Bendis’ contract signing broke, it was met with some uproarious applause as well as discontent among the DC fanbase. It was hush-hush for several months on what his true commitment on projects would be, but then came Action Comics #1000. And with that issue, we were given the very first appearance of a Doomsday-like creature named Rogol-Zaar.



Rogol Zaar

Bendis hailed Rogol Zaar as the sole reason that Krypton was decimated from the inside. Rewriting one of the most beloved origin stories of a superhero to ever be made. Now, within the course of six issues on Man Of Steel, Zaar destroyed not only Krypton years prior, but in the present, having destroyed the sacred Bottled City of Kandor from inside the Fortress of Solitude, as well as the Fortress itself. Zaar has caused an absolute shock of the senses to our crusader of justice and freedom. Ultimately, after a galaxy-spanning epic battle, Zaar is banished to the Phantom Zone by Kara Zor-El (Supergirl, and native to Kandor)


SupermanBendis came to the table after a very long meal for us fans that was cooked up by the acclaimed fan-favorite duo of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason that ran for 50 issues. So, what does Bendis do? He throws out the entire rulebook. Met to much dismay and childlike glee among the die-hard readers of the series. Not only did he take away Krypton’s origins, but essentially removing Lois Lane and young Jonathan from the story almost altogether.

We later find out that Jon was taken by Superman’s back from the dead father, Jor-El, to learn how to become a man worthy of the symbol of the House Of El; with Lois chaperoning the entirety of the training. Talk about some serious “El” to pay!


13We discover in Superman #1 that Clark will, in fact, rebuild the Fortress. However, the spot he chooses is not the great white snow-capped plains of the Arctic. It is the storm-filled temperamental waters of the Bermuda Triangle. The new Fortress will house all of the old memories and knowledge of the previous one, but so far nobody knows where it is. Not even the Justice League!


hptmnrk4_400x400Bendis has not only added onto the gravity and complexities of Tomasi and Gleason’s previous tomes to the Man Of Tomorrow but has added a new-age versatility to Old Blue. The first step was giving him back the trunks in Action #1000- Then came a new villain in the form of a planet-killer backstory.

Decapitating Superman’s very lineage and knowledge reservoir (albeit briefly) – Capsizing the shrunken Bottle City of Kandor, is now thanks to Superman #1, crusading for Superman to lead the free world into a more hopeful tomorrow… But he has also encapsulated planet Earth inside the Phantom Zone where Zaar was being held! This is all within 8 issues of storytelling moxie that Bendis has unleashed on the Man Of Steel. Stay tuned into Earth 7269 for more information on SUPERMAN!



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