Iconic Creator Frank Miller Signs Five Project Deal With DC

Legend of the industry, Frank Miller continues relationship with DC


Miller has agreed to continue his long-standing partnership with DC Comics by signing a five-project deal that was announced last week by DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee

The first project will feature a graphic novel starring the polarizing character of Carrie Kelley, whom fans will remember as Miller’s creation in the groundbreaking BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS series. This venture will mark Miller’s very first journey into Young Readers’ Graphic Novels. This first project will be illustrated by artist Ben Caldwell (PREZ)

This project will join the previously announced DC Black Label prestige series SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE, with art by John Romita Jr., as part of Miller’s contractual deal.

Adding to the already announced two books, Miller will lend his penmanship to three other unannounced projects.

“I am psyched to continue my partnership with DC,” explains Miller. “Developing the Carrie Kelley project and SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE with Dan and Jim has been a dream. It’s thrilling to have Carrie Kelley take center stage for the first time, and the energy that Ben is bringing to her is new and different—it’s incredible to see. It’s also a lot of fun working alongside John on SUPERMAN: YEAR ONE, this project is a childhood dream come true for me.”

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