Who Is Savitar? “The Once And Future Flash” Recap

Article written by Jay Christoph

“The Once And Future Flash”

Last night’s episode of The Flash took us eight years into the future, when Barry ran forward in time to find out the secret identity of the “God of Speed,” Savitar, and prevent his girlfriend/future wife Iris West from being murdered by Savitar in the near future.


The episode gave us a bit to chew on, but it also eliminated many obvious choices for who Savitar could truly be. Only read on if you want to know who was featured in the episode!



Within the episode, Barry traveled to a very bleak and crime-ridden future version of Central City, where H.R. has gone on to become a successful writer and playboy, Cisco has lost his powers and his hands, courtesy of Killer Frost, Julian has stayed a doctor, Barry has become a broken shell of what he once was, and has not donned the suit in quite a while. Joe has been dealing with the death of Iris, Wally has been crippled by Savitar, Caitlin (Killer Frost) betrayed Barry and aligned herself with Savitar, but is now humanely-as-possible imprisoned by Julian, much to his chagrin.

It is later said in the episode that Savitar has been thrown into the Speed Force and can never escape, but at this point he already won, according to future Barry. Iris’ death drove Barry to give up on everything and everyone in Team Flash, that is until present Barry convinces his future self to rejoin Team Flash and mend all of the broken bridges made in the wake of Savitar’s destruction.

Before leaving to go back in time, future Barry tells of a doctor who can help defeat Savitar, by the name of Tracy Brand

The episode concludes with Barry going back to present time, determined that he will find out who Savitar is, preventing all of the future misfortunes from ever happening, and defeating him with the help of doctor Tracy Brand.

We also get a brief moment of Caitlin, barefoot in the middle of a blizzard as Killer Frost, being coerced by Savitar to join his cause to eliminate the Flash.


Who do you all think Savitar really is? I have my speculations, but I want to hear yours!




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