DC Comics Finally Announces Own Streaming Service

“I never thought that we would see the day that DC Comics had their very own streaming service, until early last year, when it was just a faint rumor. That rumor has now come to fruition.”



Warner Bros. Television and subsidiary company DC Entertainment have officially announced that they are launching their very own digital direct-to-fans streaming service in 2018, made up of purely DC Comics content. The two companies are the producers behind The CW’s Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

The flagship show of the new service will be the long-in-development Teen Titans project, Titans, which was originally in development for TNT. The live-action show, as stated, will lead DC’s streaming service, however, the fan-favorite and critically acclaimed series Young Justice will debut its third season on the service in 2018, as well.

The executive producers duo of Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, who are responsible for all of the CW’s live-action superhero goodness will be at the helm of Titans as executive producers, along with DC Entertainment’s President and Chief Creative Officer/writer/director Geoff Johns and writer-director Akiva Goldsman









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