Heroes Of The Day – 03/12/2017

Today’s loyal veterans of the Guardians, who were converted into cyborgs and then made their enemies, are the Heroes Of The Day! They are the ALPHA LANTERNS!



The Alpha Lanterns made their first appearance in Green Lantern (Vol. 4) #26, back in February of 2008.


Current Version: Green Lantern Corps (Vol. 3) #8 – June 2012

Base: Oa

Powers/Abilities: Cyborg bodies, incorporating Manhunter technology, able to drain Green Lantern rings of charge.

Enemies: Sinestro Corps, Cyborg Superman, Guardians of the Universe

Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps.

When the Guardians of the Universe rewrote the Green Lanterns’ rules of conduct,they created a new rank to police the corps. Alpha Lanterns were loyal veterans converted into cyborgs incorporating Manhunter technology, with an inbuilt Battery of Power able to drain Lanterns’ rings.

This “internal affairs” division was disliked by rank-and-file officers, as was their chilling Oath of Intent: “In days of peace, in nights of war, Obey the laws forever more. Misconduct must be answered for. Swear us, the chosen…. The Alpha Corps!”

On deciding Green Lanterns were a failed experiment, the Guardians manipulated their Alpha Lanterns into triggering a civil war within the corps. By maneuvering Guy Gardner and an army of Emerald Warriors into destroying their cyborg overseers, the Oans were simply removing an obstacle to the introduction of their remorseless, emotionless “Third Army.”


Alpha Lanterns proudly surrendered their very beings to better serve the Corps, but were betrayed without qualm by their callous masters.


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