Hero Of The Day – 03/13/2017

Today’s “Hero Of The Day isn’t actually a hero! Instead it is the abomination made by Professor Ivo himself! It is… AMAZO!



Debut: Amazo made his debut in The Brave and the Bold #30 (June-July. 1960)
Current Version: (As android) Justice League (Vol.2) #8 (June of 2012)
(As Ikarus) Justice League (Vol.2) #36 (January. 2015).
Base: New York City.
Real Name: Armen Ikarus.
Height: 8ft Weight: 485lbs
Hair: Red Eyes: Yellow
Powers/Abilities: Synthetic absorption cells granting powers of any metahuman within close proximity; unpredictable creation and recombination of those powers.
Allies: Professor Ivo
Enemies: Justice League
Affiliations: Secret Society of Super Villains

Obsessed with the idea of immortality, Professor Ivo designed a synthetic enzyme capable of absorbing the energies and powers of any being around it. He incorporated this enzyme into the “A-maze” operating system, which was part of the cybernetic modifications that saved Victor Stone’s life and recreated him as Cyborg. Ivo then proceeded to contstruct a full embodiment of the system, known as the Amazo android, which was later encountered by the Justice League.

Amazo later reappeared as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains, created by Professor Ivo in league with the Outsider. Lex Luthor subsequently used the Amazo system as the basis of his deadly Amazo virus, which spread via LexCorp’s Dr. Armen Ikarus – the first casualty of the virus – to infect dozens of people. The virus also mutated Ikarus into the new Amazo, giving him the ability not just to mimic and replicate powers, but to suppress them. However its unpredictability made it a dire threat when unleashed in Metropolis. Luthor and the Justice League stopped Ikarus from dispersing the virus worldwide, and quickly created a vaccine, but not before a number of new metahumans were created, who kept their newfound powers even after the virus was purged from their systems.


BandB#30The original Amazo was an android created by the mad scientist Professor Ivo. He gifted it with powers stolen from Earth’s greatest heroes, in hopes of using it to conquer the world. The first Amazo’s ability to absorb and use his enemies’ powers made him a formidable opponent even for the combined force of the Justice League.

As well as absorbing and replicating the powers of metahumans, the Amazo android could also recreate their equipment, such as Green Lantern power rings.


Dr. Armen Ikarus became the new Amazo, and nearly provided a vector for the new Amazo virus to spread worldwide, with catastrophic results.


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