Hero Of The Day – 03/10/2017

Today’s Hero is that of a minor Roman god, who gifted a young man with superhuman abilities! It is… ALPHA CENTURION!



Alpha Centurion made his debut in the pages of Zero Hour (Vol. 1) #3 – back in September of 1994. His current version has most recently been found in Convergence : Superman (Vol. 1) #2 (July 2015) –


BASE: Metropolis

HEIGHT: 5ft 8ins   WEIGHT: 165 lbs

EYES: Brown   HAIR: Black

POWERS/ABILITIES: Superhuman strength, flight, durability, speed; can manifest a personal pantheon of alien warriors called the Pax Galactica.

ALLIES: Superman, Supergirl, Eradicator, Steel.

ENEMIES: Lex Luthor, Cyborg Superman

College student Roman was gravely wounded during an attack by Lexus terrorists at the Metropolis Museum of History. Bleeding profusely, he used an ancient belt as a tourniquet and was instantly possessed by a minor Roman god trapped inside the strap. Alpha Centurion took over and transformed Roman’s body. Blessed with superhuman abilities, he easily defeated the terrorists.

Since that moment, Alpha Centurion has repeatedly commandeered Roman’s body, leaving his host terrified that one day the warrior-hero will decide to possess him for good. The Centurion seems to be able to sense imminent danger before it arises and force the change without warning.

Alpha Centurion has possessed many hosts over the centuries, destroying monsters and carrying out the edicts of the mystical Pantheon of Grace. He is compelled to save lives and maintain order at all costs.

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