Why Tommy Merlyn Should Have Been ARROW’s Prometheus – SPOILERS AHEAD

Ever since ARROW revealed that their was a “throwing star killer” who wanted Oliver dead, fans have eagerly waited in anticipation for the big reveal. Before I say the true identity of Prometheus, let’s look at who I think should have been the villain!

Tommy Merlyn

The last time we saw Merlyn alive was at the end of season one, where we saw him seemingly die in a building fire that occurred during the Undertaking of the Glades. Although Oliver saw him and presumed he was dead, Tommy could very well have been Prometheus.

The writers easily could have thrown the twist in, and revealed Tommy to be the enemy of Green Arrow. 

Feeling as if Oliver has squandered his talents, and also blaming Oliver for Laurel’s death could have been motive enough, not to mention he is the son of the Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn. 

Malcolm, who served in the League Of Assassins has already taught his daughter Thea to fight, what’s to say he couldn’t teach Tommy, or Tommy could have found the League and trained under the tutelage of Talia Al Ghul, learning every move that The Green Arrow has in his arsenal.

The plot involving Prometheus having had his family taken away from him at the hands of Green Arrow could have played heavily on Laurel’s death, and Tommy not getting to live his life. 

For a short while earlier in the season, Quentin Lance was thought to be Prometheus, after waking up with similar markings to the then Throwing Star Killer. Tommy could have used his alcoholism against him and drove him to insanity. Blaming Quentin for letting Laurel die, as well. 

From there, we could have seen Tommy methodically start taking things away from Oliver. His tenure as mayor, kidnapping those that Oliver loves, exposing him to all of Star City, etc.

The biggest letdown for me is when they revealed Artemis to be siding with Prometheus after learning Oliver has killed in the past, and not leading it into the plausible thought of Evelyn (Artemis) being the daughter of Tommy.

Now, given, Evelyn, in the comics is the daughter of Sportsmaster – another long time foe of our Emerald Archer; they still could have used her in this capacity, due to not having to follow the comic book continuity and relationship statuses.

They also could have made Tommy come back and reunite with Oliver, reclaiming his fortune, letting Oliver tell him of his alter-ego, all in anticipation of a Judas betrayal – Sadly the show opted to go another route..


Adrian Chase
, who was thought to be the Vigilante, has been revealed to be Prometheus. Now, it was still a bit of a shock, but not nearly the ground-breaking one that the former theorized reveal could have been. 

All in all, I was quite disappointed in the reveal. With that said, I will still watch eagerly to see how this storyline will play out. 


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