Heroes Of The Day – 03/03/2017

Today’s Heroes Of The Day are found in the New 52’s Red Hood and the Outlaws! Time to take a small, yet decisive look at the ALL CASTE!


The All Caste made their debut in Red Hood and the Outlaws (Vol. 1) #1 – in November of 2011. They were featured prominently throughout the 41 issue series.


The All-Caste’s base of operations is hidden within the Acres of All. Known powers and abilities are Martial arts, and advanced meditative techniques. 

Allies of the Caste are S’aru the Protector, and Jason Todd; while known enemies of theirs is The Untitled.


Millennia ago, a family of nine warriors formed The Untitled, a cult dedicated to absolute evil, and gained vast power and immortality. Eventually, one sister, Ducra, broke away to form her own faction – The All Caste – and fight her maligned siblings.

For 3,000 years, Ducra the instructor led the clandestine order of warrior-monks in a secret war against her own family. Cloistered in the Chamber of All, deep within the Himalayan mountains, the monks toiled tirelessly, forging links with the outside world while still managing to remain largely independent from it.

On the recommendation of Talia Al Ghul, the warrior-monks trained Jason Todd after his resurrection from death. When he returned to the Acres of All many years later, he discovered that Ducra and her All Caste had been brutally exterminated.

As he apologized to Ducra’s body for having failed her, Ducra’s spirit appeared and Told Todd that they had been murdered by their sworn enemies the Untitled. Alongside the sole survivor, Essence, Todd avenged the All Caste’s deaths, ending the Untitled’s depredations forever.


When Todd returned to the All Caste, he found that they had been slaughtered. Their reanimated corpses then attacked him and his allies, Arsenal and Starfire.

-That is it for today’s Heroes Of The Day! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next installment! 

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