First Look at Wicked Comics’ DragonMasters

Courtesy of Wicked Comics, Earth 7269 is bringing you a look at their upcoming comic, DragonMasters. The writer and creator of  Wicked Comics and DragonMasters Carlos Farias gave a brief synopsis of the title that will soon debut, in our interview with him. You can read about Dragon Masters and much more by clicking here.

Farias had this to say when explaining the story of DragonMasters.

“If you are a fan of fantasy, this comic will really get your blood pumping. In a universe far beyond lies a struggle between light and darkness. Slayers, those who use the evil of the dragon eye, and masters those who use the good side of the eye. A dragonslayer named “Draco” will lead an alliance to combat the Slayers in an ongoing battle to defend their kingdom. This is going to be a huge universe, I could say similar to how big Dungeouns and Dragons is with hundreds of characters.” 

Draco The Dragon Slayer

“The Dragon eye, the force between light and darkness. A dragonslayer named Draco, will form an alliance and defeat the dark forces of evil that use the darkness of the eye..”

The Dragon-Wing

“The Dragon-wing is a highly advanced spaceship that is capable of light speed used among the Masters.”

Ragnar the Wizard

“Ragnar is a powerful wizard with the DragonMasters universe”

This post will be updated as information becomes available! Be sure to check back! 

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