Is Dan Jurgens Teasing The Return of Booster Gold In DC Comics’ REBIRTH?

It has been nearly two years since we last saw our “BOOSTERRIFIC” blue and gold hero on the pages of a comic book, but is Booster’s creator Dan Jurgens bringing the time traveling hero into the REBIRTH continuity? A Tweet that Jurgens sent out would definitely give that idea some premise.

Jurgens’ post said “Feels good to stretch the drawing muscles again. Won’t tell you who. But the character’s initials are BG” 

That seemed pretty straight forward to me. Given that Jurgens has been on fire as of late with his current ongoing series’; Booster Gold could very well make his appearance in the DC REBIRTH Universe, very shortly.

The fact that Booster is hailed as a time cop of sorts, offers much in the way of potential storylines. The last big arc we saw Gold in was “Convergence,” and we have not had a reason given for his absence. His very presence may change the universe completely!

-To read a bit more on Booster Gold and his potential movie – Click the link below 

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7 thoughts on “Is Dan Jurgens Teasing The Return of Booster Gold In DC Comics’ REBIRTH?

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  2. Yes i really want that Booster Gold appeared again but i want that he is the same character since Convergence. It would be good not for his immoral provocative heroism but his cunning gifted delirious and powerful mind. But Booster Gold would be good with his return with Ted Kord AKA Blue Beetle and Captain Atom and the Question aka Vic Sage. Please make return Booster Gold since he s still alive but let him as his pre flashpoint character not his New 52 one. I also desire the return if possible a new series featuring Booster Gold with Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) appareances it would be good yeah. Also i want that Booster Gold be here along Captain Marvel Legion of superheroes new gods forever people and even classic heroes of both pre flashpoint and pre crisis what i have seen during Convergence. I also desire that Booster Gold returns to fix the Time in order to the heroes to return to New Earth (pre flashpoint continuity). Yeah Booster Gold is a great DC character and one of DC icons.


  3. Booster Gold returning within​ DC is great. I want it !! And i want that Booster Gold being integrated in DC Rebirth relaunch but please not at all under Young Animal’s bareer. Because DC Young animal make darker stories more allowed to adults rather than new readers. I also want Ted Kord returning as Blue Beetle and Captain Atom including a new “Booster Gold” comic series.


  4. I would like that Booster Gold returns but only in DC rebirth please. However i doubt about the Flinstones who are not DC characters like Booster Gold is. I hope after havin’ travelled in this time he will return for DC comics as a recurring character but i hope he will be joined by Ted Kord his best pal known as Blue Beetle. If it will I will be excited.


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