In-Depth Look at Wicked Comics With Carlos Farias

Interview conducted by: Jay Christoph

I first and foremost want to thank Carlos Farias for taking the time out of his schedule to give such an extensive look into his rising company: Wicked Comics. As of this interview, our website will be following the updates of Wicked and will be publishing all the latest updates for our readers to see. This article also contains MANY of Farias’ own characters in galleries. This has been such a great experience. I truly hope you enjoy his creative mind!

EARTH 7269: “What inspired you to get into the comic book industry?”

  Farias: “It wasn’t until I walked into my first comic book store in the 90’s that I was blown back at the endless amount of characters and stories I saw on all these covers. It inspired me to pick up a pencil and try to be at the same level of greatness, these artists achieved with their art. This was
a time of the rise of Image comics, and I was a huge fan Of Todd Mcfarlane, Jim Lee and Rob Liefield. I liked the fact that they broke away from the big companies like Marvel and DC and set out to accomplish there own goals. That is what Wicked Comics is all about. I made the company to stay 100 percent independent and make the kind of characters and stories I would want to read about.”

“Other motivations that got me to branch off on my own was others telling me it couldn’t be done or nobody would be interested in a comic about a Clown. Quite the opposite I always had a feeling when I was creating these characters that they had something special that would connect with an audience. With some of these characters, I used my own life experiences and put that energy into their stories. Another huge influence and writer I look up to is Stan Lee. Look at how many characters he created and still creates. It is mind blowing how he came up with all these ideas. If a character doesn’t have something  that you can identify with or relate to, than it will be a very short lived character and that’s what I don’t want to happen. Each character that I create I want it to be better than the previous.”

“I am a very critical creator and I always feel that there is room for improvement and I am never satisfied. I am always challenging myself to become a better artist and creator.”

EARTH: “That is a wonderful way to be. Too many characters have lost connection with the audiences they once held. Speaking of characters..  Do you have any favorite characters to write that you have created?”

Farias: “Each character I believe is a totally different experience. So far in the Wicked Universe,we have over 100 original characters each with their own seperate story. We plan on having several hundred characters down the line so that readers will have a huge arsenal of stories to choose from. Some of these characters will connect in the same universe down the line, which I think is cool for the readers out there, to read how some of these characters stories connect.”

“The first character I ever created for Wicked was “ClownMan”, and he is one of my favorites. This character is what put Wicked on the map and started people getting hyped for the upcoming title and besides, who doesnt want to see a clown taking out some villains!?. His story is a rather dark one. It tells a story of a circus performer calles Chris Mason. He is a victim of a  rather gruesome and unspeakable crime and as a result picks up powers and through the story he is able to develop these powers he has been given and use them to protect the citizens of Dark city. Dark City is the location of where this story takes place . It is a cursed city with a growing epidemic of crime, corruption, prostitution and drugs plaguing the city. Clownman has over 40 villans. Each with its own purpose and agenda. Just to name a few you have a criminal mastermind, gangster who runs Dark City called ” La Muerte“. The translation from Spanish to english means “The Death” he is the head shot caller in the city.”

“Another huge villan is a serial killer named MurderMask, he is controlled by an evil demon that lives inside him and has a huge thirst for stalking and killing people at will. Another Favorite character has to be ” KillSwitch“.  This story is about a criminal named Mark Roberts. He made a lot of mistakes in his life. He was a criminal, murderer and he is out of chances. He is subjected to a specialized program to develop the perfect killing machine / agent. A special device called a “Killswitch” is implanted inside him which rips through all his skin and attaches itself to his nervous system heightening all senses.  He wakes up from a long  coma as a deadly mercenary with little recollection of his past. After I created the character, Stephen Strange asked to work on the title and I was blown away by the quality of work that he produced. He really took my ideas to next level and it was a great experience working with another talented artist. We plan on making both of these comics various issues with several villans and each comic we release, you will get a small glimpse of a big picture that each comic tells and how the issues connect with one another. “

“Clownman Issue 1 “The Curse Of Dark City and KillSwitch Issue 1 is called “The KillCode“. “

“One of my favorite female characters, an alien cyborg called “Eightball.” She is the leader of a group called “The Rack”  which contains other alien cyborgs disguised as humans.”

EARTH: “I can’t wait to read KillSwitch and Clownman. They sound amazing! What comics should readers be on the lookout for?”
Farias: “Comic book readers better have their seats buckled up because Wicked Comics has several titles releasing soon. Our first Comic will
 be a 32 page “ClownMan” comic, where you will get a bit of his backstory and look into who Chris Mason was before he becomes this vigilante superhero.”

 “Killswitch is also nearing the final stages. It will also be available in both print and digital form, aiming for about 28 pages in total with advertisments featuring teaser pages form other Wicked titles. Two comics which are halfway complete are ” Bloodstone” and another title for fans of the science fiction fantasy genre called “DragonMasters“. Bloodstone tells about an assassin called Bishop Cross. He comes in contact with a fallen angel containing a very powerful deadly stone know as a “Bloodstone”. This stone transfoms him into this deadly caped crusader that must now seek other stones and protect the Bloodstone from a powerful hell seeking rebellious angel called “Gabriel“. Each stone contains a special ability. Death stone, Leap of faith stone, BloodStone, if a stone falls into the wrong hands it lets arise very dark and forceful abilities to the individual that comes in contact with the stone.”

“Another title that is dropping soon is a title called “DragonMasters”, if you are a fan of fantasy, this comic will really get your blood pumping. In a universe far beyond lies a struggle between light and darkness. Slayers, those who use the evil of the dragon eye, and masters those who use the good side of the eye. A dragonslayer named “Draco” will lead an alliance to combat the Slayers in an ongoing battle to defend there kingdom. This is going to be a huge universe, I could say similar to how big Dungeouns and Dragons is with hundreds of characters.”

“Justice is a futuristic story that takes place in the year 4050 and planet earth has been destroyed by a massive meteor attack. Humanity was able to escape to a new found planet called Solaris. The planet is infiltrated by a dark alien race that wants to enslave and exterminate humanity. There only chance for survival is a ancient symbol found within the planet that calls for a superhuman and protector of the universe called “Justice“.”

 “I am also a huge fan of greek mythology and another project we are working on is a character called “Cronus” He is abandoned by the Gods and becomes a slave to the underworld and he must seek out a  powerful warhorse called “Arion” to fufill a pact with a demon known as Dagramon.”

“Three other projects I would like to tell you about are “Bullet“,”SilverWolf” and “PhantomMan“. Bullet is our first African American character and he is a werewolf assasin that was cursed by a ancient ancestor.”Silverwolf” is our first native american character and we are having his setting take place in a western setting with many characters and villians. “PhantomMan” takes place in a dark Victorian setting and tells a story of a rich count called Alexander Dumont, he is betrayed by his best friend and trapped and left to burn to death in a haunted theater. We have so many characters in projects going on its hard to tell you every single one. We are also making a whole line of Wicked Trading cards, so fans can get familiar with the huge Wicked Universe.”

“On the back of each card, you will get character information, power , ablities and what kind of weapons each character has at their disposal. We are very excited to present all these new ideas and stories to all comic book fans out there.”

EARTH: “SO MANY COMICS! I love it!  When the comics are available, where will people be able to purchase them?”

Farias: “We are planning to sell the comics directly thorough the Wicked Comics website and we might use a second party, like Drive Thru Comics for digital downloads. I’m a fan and always will be of having a real copy in your hands, so that you can really appreciate the story and artwork that is presented to the reader. Eventually we will be attending comic cons and you will get a chance to speak to us about the comics, as well as purchase comissions, trading cards  and in the near future, even action figures. I feel that connecting with the fans is what it’s all about. Without the fans we wouldnt exist and I
always like to hear feedback directly from them to let us know what they would like to see in future issues, or how we can make an overall better comic.
Down the line, I am also in contact with various companies  to start making action figures based on all Wicked characters. Comics is just a starting point I plan on growing the company hopefully into makingmotion pictures, animations and video games, so stay tuned.”

EARTH: “Plug as much as you want! I am all about trying to help growing companies get even just a little bit more publicity!”

Farias: “The best way to keep track of us is through the Wicked Comics website that is currently under construction, but you can take a sneak peek look at it. We have a characters section where you can click the icon of the character and it will give you a bio sheet of each character that includes, eye color, weight, hair color first appearance and much more. Its a great way to get into the Wicked Universe and its characters.”

“We also have a videos section that has all of our videos and trailers of all the upcoming comics. The Official ClownMan trailer is in the works and so is the “KillSwitch” trailer. The store section will have all the merchandise, from trading cards, tshirts, stickers and much more. The comics section will have all our comics for readers to purchase. I’m also working on a blog, and forum section, so fans can post there feedback on the company and comics they read.”

Here are all of our links
Website :
Facebook page:
Facebook group:

EARTH: “In closing; What would you like to tell the readers of Earth 7269?”

Farias: “First off, I would like to thank Jay Christoph for giving me the opportunity to discuss all upcoming projects that Wicked Comics is working on. I think the website is a great resource
that provides information on Indy comics as well as the big company names. If you want to read totally fresh new ideas and stories, you should definitely check us out. We are not your average cookie cutter superhero publishing company. ALL of our characters have a dark edgy feel and it is something that I believe readers will enjoy. Not just your same old buff guy in a costume fighting crime. That’s why I kind of got out of the comic book scene for a while. To me, it felt like the same  recycled characters telling the same old story over and over again.  You should give us a chance and you wont regret it. One more thing.. We have a fan art section on the website that you can and should check out. It has all types of Wicked characters drawn by fans in different mediums. We love seeing other artists interpretations of our characters and we will also feature them in our comic books as well. Its a fun way to connect with the fans. Any questions feel free to contact me on the website. This interview has been a blast and was very happy to be a part of it.”

Below is a entire gallery of characters from the Wicked Universe. To me, it definitely shows that his artwork was inspired by Image Comics. I want to once again, thank Carlos, for his time and effort, and his candid look into all of his upcoming projects. 

Be sure to follow the Earth 7269 website, Twitter  and our Facebook page for more information about Wicked Comics and curated comic book news!


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