First Look At Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Animated Movie

Courtesy of CBR  is the first look at DC’s upcoming direct-to-DVD animated film: “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” – Based upon the 1984 comic storyline that was written by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. As noted, it will not be a direct adaptation of the pivotal story, but will be adapted from it. Notable changes are the styles of Nightwing sporting the red attire instead of the traditional blue, alongside Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes, Beast Boy/Changeling, and Terra.

The change in roster is a departure from the original lineup of Cyborg, Raven, and Wonder Girl.

They have however revealed that Deathstroke is still the antagonist of the story.

-Via CBR: Unfolding in “Tales of the Teen Titans” #42-44 and the Annual #3, “The Judas Contract” brought together long-brewing threads involving Deathstroke’s contract to deliver the Titans to the villainous organization H.I.V.E., and the betrayal of the team by new member Terra, who was working with the mercenary from the very beginning. The arc also marked the debut of Dick Grayson as Nightwing.

Directed by Sam Liu (“Justice League vs. Teen Titans”) from a script by Ernie Altbacker, “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” will feature Christina Ricci as Terra and Miguel Ferrer as Deathstroke. They join a voice cast that includes Sean Maher, Kari Wahlgren, Jake T. Austin, Taissa Farmiga, Brandon Soo Hoo and Stuart Allan.


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