DC REBIRTH Commercials To Air on Major Networks In 2017

Precursor: Well, it has been sixteen days since the last article has been posted. I know, I know. I am slipping. It is currently Christmas Eve and I have finally garnered enough momentum to sit down, clear my mind and write an article. I hope you stick around as E-7269 gets back on its feet. So, now. I give to you… Drum roll please!


DC To Start Advertising REBIRTH in 2017

There will be several major television networks that will be running the “Rebirth” commercials for DC Comics. Eleven different advertisements will begin airing in January, coinciding with the first volume of collected editions.

“Rebirth’s” commercials will air on TruTV, AMC, TBS, TNT, IFC, El Rey and Boomerang, as well, over the period between January and February.

The network ads will highlight eleven individual title properties such as, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Green Arrow, The Flash, Batman, Supergirl, and Superman, with a triad of additional commercials promoting the entirety of DC’s “Rebirth”.

Next segment courtesy of Newsarama – 

“The publisher is also offering retailers co-op funds to help pay for ads on local markets, promoting “Rebirth” with a space for a store tag at the end of the commercial.”


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