Lois’ New Old Job, Lex’s Ties To APOKOLIPS, More in Action Comics!

Prelude written by: Jay Christoph

With the recent “Rebirth” developments occurring in Action Comics, the post-Crisis Lois Lane & Clark Kent have seemingly replaced their “New-52” counterparts. So far as to say that post-Crisis Lois has officially taken over the livelihood and friendships of her deceased doppleganger.

Now that longtime Superman writer Dan Jurgens has revitalized Lois by placing her back in the Daily Planet, and establishing that Superman is back to publicly fighting crime, the series is starting new storyline in this week’s Action Comics #967.

The latest storyline “Men of Steel” will bring not only Superman, but also Lex Luthor to the forefront, will follow up on some of the events from “Darkseid War” and will take the book off earth.

Additionally, according to Jurgens, who re-launched the title in June as an essential part of DC’s “Rebirth” event, the vague storylines featuring Mr. Oz are not finished yet, Action Comics and other DC books are heading toward a tumultuous confrontation with the shrouded-in-mystery character and his presumed link to the Watchmen characters who have been altering the DC Universe’s continuity.

Newsarama recently sat down and talked with Dan Jurgens to uncover more information about Lois and her doppleganger, why Lex Luthor thinks he is the rightful Superman, and what is in store for Action Comics. Below is the transcribed interview.


 Newsarama: Dan, the Lois and Clark starring in your book are pretty much taking over the lives of the “New 52” versions of Lois and Clark. I feel like you’re saying that a world always needs a Superman and Lois Lane. Is that part of it?

Dan Jurgens: There’s a lot of truth to that, Vaneta.

I’ve always felt that Lois and Superman serve to define each other. Separate the two and it feels like there’s something missing.

So, yes, the world needs a Superman and Lois Lane. And the world seems to respond better when they’re together.

Nrama: Still, it feels like there’s more to this development.

Are we done getting answers about why there used to be two Supermen and Loises, but now there aren’t?

Jurgens: There’s more to this development, of course, but for now it’s really important to focus most on the Clark and Lois we have. This book is about them and where their lives are heading, along with Jon, of course.


Nrama: Is this version of Lois Lane staying in this position long-term?ac_967_4

Jurgens: Given all the things she said to Clark and the way she described The Daily Planet as something she needs in her life, it’s fair to see she’ll be at the Planet for the foreseeable future.

Nrama: This Superman’s got some competition in fulfilling the role “New 52” Superman left empty, and you’ll be concentrating on that a bit in this week’s issue. What’s going on in Lex’s mind that makes him think he’s the man for the job?

Jurgens: Lex is among the most complicated characters in the DCU. What motivates him is a bit of a mixed bag.

For one, he feels the title of “Superman” should be filled by a normal man. A human, to be specific.

On top of that, I think he responds to being recognized that way by Metropolis. I don’t think he needs the adulation but I do think he enjoys the recognition. Not just of citizens in Metropolis, but of other heroes.

For him, it’s verification of his genius. He sees himself as being worthy of the title.

Nrama: How does this week’s Action Comics #967 explore the animosity between the two chac_967_5aracters?

Jurgens: It’s an interesting dynamic because the differences between them are very different.

Lex sees Superman as a stranger… as something he can’t entirely explain. Lex is unsure about where Superman came from and what his background is. He has questions.

At the same time, the only Lex that Superman has known is a criminal. It’s hard for Superman to believe that this version is any different than the one he’s ever known, that he isn’t simply lying about what his true intent is. So there’s a fair amount of animosity there and that’s what makes the story interesting.

Nrama: You mentioned that Superman only knew Lex as a criminal. As you start this next story arc, does Superman suspect at all that this version of Lex might be telling the truth, that he’s a hero? ac_cv967_open_order_var

Jurgens: No. At that point, it’s rather inconceivable for Superman to believe that Lex is any kind of hero. That’s been his struggle since day one.

Nrama: It looks like the comic book is going off-planet. How would you describe the style and approach you’re taking to Action Comics in this arc?

Jurgens: We’ve had a couple of issues that focused more on the mystery of the other Clark Kent and then Lois. So, at this point, it’s time to amp up the “action” part of the title.

And with Superman and Lex at the center of it, we have a lot we can do.


Nrama: What can you tell us about Godslayer? Who is he? What’s he ac_cv969like?

Jurgens: We want the story to unfold in natural fashion here, but it’s safe to say that Godslayer has a very particular view of where this Lex Luthor is headed and intends to stop it from happening. It centers around some of what happened to Lex on Apokolips and that really gets us off and running.

Nrama: What kind of challenges face Lex and Superman during the Godslayer arc?

Jurgens: The biggest challenge for Lex and Superman will be their own relationship. That’s what will make dealing with the other aspect of what’s happening in the story so tough.

It’s really a question of whether or not they can get over their mutual sense of distrust to eventually work together.

Nrama: Will we see more of Mr. Oz soon? Anything you can tell us about where to look for more of that thread you introduced?ac_cv971_cropped

Jurgens: Mr. Oz?

He’s out there.

He’ll return.

Nrama: Anything else you want to tell fans about Action Comics?

Jurgens: First, that I really appreciate their support. We’ve gotten a great response to the book and that’s fantastic.

Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham, Steven Segovia and Art Thibert, along with a great editorial crew have been working incredibly hard to make Action Comics the best it can be. It’s Superman, after all, and I think we have some pretty special surprises lined up!

Epilogue written by: Jay Christoph

Given the information that this interview gave us, I am personally looking forward to Action Comics new arc. Will Lois be able to settle into her counterpart’s new life? I analyze it probably a bit too much.. I question if she will start confusing her own life with that of the ‘New-52’ Lois. Probably far-fetched, but that is the way my mind thinks of things.

Another subject that I am highly anticipating is the return and undoubtedly telling of what exactly Mr. Oz is up to. The fact that he has had a hand in the entire “Rebirth” event is enough to intrigue me, but add in that he has been scheming in Detective Comics and Action Comics, and I am just hooked.

Will we see Lex become the next “real” Superman? What exactly happened to him during his time on APOKOLIPS, and can Superman and his previous earth’s arch-nemesis actually coexist long enough to function as a team?

All will be told in Action Comics’ newest storyline “Men Of Steel,” which starts in Action Comics #967. On sale this Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. Below is the official synopsis of the issue.

“MEN OF STEEL” part one! LEX LUTHOR is under attack—and only Superman can save him! When the world’s most ingenious scientific mind took on the mantle of Metropolis’ new man of steel, the world took notice—and so did the mysterious Godslayer!”




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