Spend Halloween With The Punisher Annual #1

Article information gathered by: Jay Christoph

Marvel.com recently spoke to artist Felix Ruiz and Punisher creator Gerry Conway about the upcoming THE PUNISHER ANNUAL #1.

Gerry Conway and Felix Ruiz plan on scaring some people with THE PUNISHER ANNUAL #1. No, not the readers, but definitely some of the ne’er-do-wells that Frank Castle runs into during the Halloween-set tale of murder and mayhem.

The issue marks a return to the character for both creators. Ruiz drew segments of THE PUNISHER #14 last year while Conway conjured up Frank Castle back in the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 from 1974.

We talked with Ruiz about playing with the costume-filled holiday, getting in the spirit of Halloween, and working with an all-time-great comic book legend!

Marvel.com: Right off the bat, how excited were you when you first heard you were going to work with the legendary Gerry Conway on this issue?

Felix Ruiz: When I found out that I was going to share this issue with a legend, such as Gerry Conway, as you can guess, I was looking forward to [starting] immediately. It’s a great honor to me, and to any comic artist, and I tried to keep my standards as high as possible.

Marvel.com: When it came to came to actually drawing the issue, did you two work in full script or more of the Marvel style?

Felix Ruiz: In this case I worked on a full script. Then my job has been more direct and comfortable and nevertheless my creativity was still untouched.

Marvel.com: Halloween’s such a fun holiday with all of the scary elements and costumes. How was it incorporating those elements into the violent world of Punisher?

Felix Ruiz: It was such fun mixing the Halloween iconography with the violent world of Punisher. You are going to see a lot of tributes to Marvel characters if you notice the children’s costumes for instance.

Marvel.com: What can you tell us about designing the looks of Frank’s targets in this story?

Felix Ruiz: I must admit that I defined a dark character on purpose to contrast with the children’s joy, despite the dark tone and on the other hand hopeful [note] of the story.

And in all, I enjoyed very much the cleverness of Gerry Conway when it comes to dealing with very complex and controversial topics.

Celebrate Halloween early with Gerry Conway and Felix Ruiz in THE PUNISHER ANNUAL #1, available October 26!


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