Marvel Claws Back Dollars From DC Comics But Loses Sales In September 2016 Marketshare

Article information gathered by: Jay Christoph

Thanks to Bleeding Cool, the numbers are in for September’s marketshare. Check them out below.

In August, Marvel Comics had dollar and sales marketshare figures of 30.78% and 32.11%.

In September, one is slightly up, one is down, to 31.1% and 30.75%.

While DC Comics had 39.27% and 44.59% respectively in August.

In September, they have both slipped to 36.53% and 43.45%. So that’s over five point lead on money brought in and almost a thirteen point lead on the actual number of comics sold. This can also be explained by DC Comics mostly selling comics for $2.99 and Marvel mostly selling for $3.99.

The expectation is that October may see Marvel begin to turn this around, with its hundreds of thousands of comics sold to Scholastic Book Fairs and an increasing number of retailer exclusive covers, which bump numbers by thousands for each store that signs on. However the feeling is that, with so many planned by Marvel in November, the appeal for each cover may cannibalise the demand from stores.

There has also been criticism that DC Comics is being judged on orders of comics that are returnable (check the asterisks) although for the purposes if the chart they have all been docked 10%. But that is starting to fall off and neither Batman #6 or #7 were returnable yet both topped the big Captain America death issue of Civil War II #5. Man, Steve Rogers never does well in Civil Wars.

And, yes, All-Star Batman did pretty well too. Are we going to have to get used to Batman and All-Star Batman constantly jimmying for the top positions? Seems so.

And, yes, Marvel only placed one title in the Top Ten with Civil War II, with the likes of The Walking Dead and Supergirl outselling every other Marvel comic book in the chart.

It may also be notable that Marvel have dropped the number of books they are selling, And DC Comics have increased theirs.

Image Comics have also clawed back some marketshare, trying to get back to the 10% position they shared before Marvel and DC started playing silly buggers with each other. And IDW continues to buy their marketshare by publishing more and more titles.

As for overall figures, September was a four week month compared to August’s five week, so an overall drop of 20% in sales is expected. But, year on year, September has helped turn around a disappointing 2016 into one that is just beating 2015’s overall sales so far by 2.65%. For that, DC Comics can take a deserved bow.

IDW Publishing’s Revolution #1, the first part of IDW Publishing’s Hasbro crossover, was their top book at #85.  Dark Horse Comics’ Black Hammer #3 from Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston was their top book at #158.



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