Warren Ellis To Oversee New Wildstorm Reboot

Article information gathered by: Jay Christoph

Courtesy of Comic Book and Bleeding Cool we have gathered information on how Warren Ellis is going to completely reinvigorate the Wildstorm Comics line for the second time.

You may recall that his run on Stormwatch and then The Authority with Bryan Hitch was so successful that every Wildstorm comic wanted in.

Well, now it’s round two.


Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt will create the new The Wild Storm monthly comic starting in February and rebooting the Wildstorm universe.

Ellis will then oversee new series Michael Cray, WildC.A.T.S. and Zealot and more. He is quoted as saying “After long reflection, I couldn’t turn down the invitation to renovate the house that Jim Lee built, and refit its unique combination of cosmic paranoia and paramilitary conspiracy for the post-political space madness of the twenty-teens…  Looking back to look forward.”

More information will be revealed on the “Meet the Publishers” panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 8 from 4pm-5pm.

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