ARROW Season 5 Poster – Criticisms and More

Article written by: Jay Christoph




There has been no lack of criticism since the end of the second season of ARROW. The third season saw Oliver going to Nanda Parbat to battle Ra’s Al Ghul. Someone, who in theory should rival the seasons of Deathstroke. Although Matt Nable had a great outing as the Demon head, it was not enough to conserve the rest of the season. Many wanted “Olicity” to finally become a thing; it did and the majority of ARROW’s fan base showed a severe backlash.towards the direction that the writers took for the two. So, here is my opinions on season three, as a whole.

Within season three, we got to see some immense character development in Thea, Diggle, Malcolm Merlyn, Sarah Lance and the League of Assassins. We got to see Thea become empowered through Merlyn’s training, Diggle become a father, Merlyn become the Demon Head, Sara literally died, then came back to life, courtesy of the Lazarus Pit, Oliver defeating the infamous Ra’s Al Ghul; finally finishing the feud between not only himself and the League, but Merlyn’s as well. The third season was very sub-par until “The Climb.” After that hiatus, the story picked up rather quickly. We went from hearing about the threats of the League, to seeing Oliver being stabbed through the chest by Ra’s, becoming his apprentice and losing the relationships he held closest, due to his double-double cross.  We saw at the end of the third season that Oliver was “happy.” For any heroic tale, that is a surefire sign of a dismal point in our protagonists life.  Enter season 4…


I hoped the fourth season would get back to the aesthetic of the first and second seasons. Reclaiming its rightful spot in my eyes, as “the best current superhero show.” Alas, my wishes for such were nothing but a blasphemous dream.. I tried my hardest to enjoy the fourth season. Seeing Mr. Terrific, was definitely a highlight. Losing Laurel, though… I didn’t agree with. Katie Cassidy did a phenomenal job in the third and fourth seasons, so it was hard to believe that they killed off a character whom in the comics, Oliver is meant for. As if that wasn’t enough to push my limits, we saw Felicity be teased as Oracle. Which, in this case, I wouldn’t have minded.. ARROW is currently the closest thing to Batman that fans could conceive on television, save for GOTHAM… Then… We see Felicity walk out on Oliver, after being PARALYZED… I mean, really? I understand that Curtis had invented a microchip that could infuse the bones, but c’mon.. How can you tease us like that!? Darkh, should have been yet another formidable foe, but not for Oliver Queen. His upcoming part in Legends of Tomorrow, will serve him a better role as a villain. So, there is my opinions on a few subjects transpiring on ARROW..


We have heard from ARROW’s EP, Wendy Mericle, that the fifth season would be getting back to the crime ridden streets of Star City, and Oliver tackling them. It is apparent that the big theme for the upcoming season is “Legacy.” Fans speculate that the series may end by the 7th season. I would be fine with this. We were told at the beginning that he had five years to tell. This season should tie up any loose ends in Oliver’s past, and focus on new threats at hand. Given the introduction of Wild Dog, Artemis and Mr. Terrific, Team Arrow has a lot going on. I am very curious to see if they get back to the show’s roots; once and for all. How do you feel about ARROW, and will you be watching season 5?



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