Deadpool: Furious Flashback!

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Courtesy of MARVEL, we have information on Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin’s take on Deadpool. Below is the full interview that Marvel conducted with Espin.

Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin stand ready to rock with the October 5-launching DEADPOOL: BACK IN BLACK! The series, a follow-up to DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS, features our hero acting as the host for the symbiote soon to be known as Venom!

Espin’s past leaps into Wade Wilson’s world include various issues of his ongoing series’ plus DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE and DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL, both of which Bunn also penned. We spoke with the artist about this new take on the Merc with a Mouth, his continued working relationship with Bunn, and how this series will make more than a nod or two to Spider-Man comics from the 80’s! You’ve worked on a variety of Deadpool projects over the years. What new avenues does BACK IN BLACK allow you to explore with the character?

Salva Espin: In this BACK IN BLACK series we have the opportunity to introduce Deadpool in the world of 80’s Spider-Man. This is interesting both in terms of script and the artistic part. In the script, Deadpool will meet Spider-Man-related trouble that he has not sought. Of course this will result in very crazy and funny ‘Pool situations. In the art, it is a great opportunity to mix the crazy expressions of Deadpool with the [black costume Spider-Man] poses. My favorite two super heroes! In addition to being a Deadpool alum, you’ve also worked with Cullen a number of times. How do you feel your collaborative relationship has grown in that time?

Salva Espin: Cullen is the best! Thanks to him I draw incredible scenes of Deadpool. Did you like the ‘Pool-massacre on each page of DEADPOOL KILLS DEADPOOL? Poor Duck-pool. DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE was another dream come true for an artist like me, who loves the 90’s symbiote characters. I hope to continue working with Cullen on a lot more ‘Pool adventures. Part of this story involves reworking classic scenes like Spider-Man losing the symbiote suit under the big bell. How was it putting your own spin on classic scenes like that?

Salva Espin: As an artist and Marvel fan it is an honor and pleasure for me to give another twist to these scenes that everyone knows. Given the time frame of this story, have you enjoyed rendering some of these characters in their old school costumes? Have any of them been more challenging to capture than others?

Salva Espin: I loved to draw Black Cat. It’s always a great challenge to draw this kind of dynamic and sexy character with personality. Oh, [and] it’s the first time that I’ve drawn Kraven. Speaking of which, who does Deadpool find himself facing off against in BACK IN BLACK?

Salva Espin: I don’t want to do any spoilers, but I can say that the fans will find some covers for this series that are ‘Pool versions of Spider-Man’s classic covers. Part of the fun of the symbiote suit is that it allows for the wearer to manipulate it in various ways. Deadpool’s kind of crazy, so does that make for some interesting symbiote shapes or uses?

Salva Espin: Well, for me the more interesting [part] of this [is] the artistic way to mix the Deadpool personality with the black symbiote’s powers after being with Spidey. So in the comic pages the readers can find Deadpool making his own style of Spidey poses and the symbiote enhancing the fighting skills of Deadpool, with a bunch of drooling by the way!

Deadpool and Spider-Man fans will surely drool over DEADPOOL: BACK IN BLACK #1 when it launches from Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin on October 5!


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