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From the developer of thImage result for booster golde Arrowverse, comes BOOSTER GOLD! Coming to a timeline near you!  Who is Booster Gold? Why, he’s the greatest… Wait.. You’ve already read the tagline..

Booster Gold is Michael Jon Carter, a time-traveling superhero from the 25th Century, who uses high-tech equipment to stop crimes within the timeline, to stabilize the continuity.. (Ironic, isn’t it?) Alongside his robotic friend, Skeets, Rip Hunter (who is later said to be his father,) and Blue Beetle, they fight for all our sakes! He is not looked at as a hero by many within the Justice League, although he had short stints in Justice League International, Justice League, Extreme Justice and a cameo within Justice League Unlimited: the animated series. He has been a member of The Justice League, The Time Masters, The Conglomerate, Extreme Justice and Super Buddies. He briefly took the alias Supernova during the 52 event.

Booster Gold was created by Dan Jurgens, with his first appearance being in Booster Gold #1. All the way back in 1986 (I know, it’s not that old!)


There hasn’t been much information on the actual film itself. We do now know, courtesy of Greg Berlanti, (the lead developer of the movie) that the timeline Booster Gold occurs in, is not connected to the previous DCEU. Below is a quote straight from Berlanti. All courtesy of IGN!

As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds. It’d be a separate thing

The movie was brought to life, due to the idea of a television show that “never got off the ground,” Berlanti explained. Helmed by producer Andrew Kreisberg, Berlanti went to DC Entertainment with the notion of turning our time-traveler into a full-fledged movie, which is why it now has a standalone timeline.

Power Rangers writer Zack Stentz is rumoured to have written the script. Berlanti has not given any other information on the film’s development.

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