Superman #6 Brought Back Which Character?

Article written by: Jay Christoph

The “Son Of Superman” storyline is starting to wrap up with issue #6 of Superman, and it brought back a few familiar names. Let’s break it down!

As the issue opens, we see Superman embroiled in a fight with The Eradicator inside Batman’s secret moon base (because, Batman!) Lois is still donning  a set of the Hellbat Armor, and tries to make sure that her and Clark’s son, Jon are not the ones eradicated! Superman gets a significant boost in the fight, due to the legion of Kryptonian souls that were once held prisoners within The Eradicator.



One of the aforementioned Kryptonian prisoners, was none other than Krypto! We last saw Krypto being assimilated by The Eradicator, a few issues ago. Superman and Krypto collectively defeat The Eradicator, destroying Batman’s base, in the process, but also freeing the imprisoned Kryptonian souls that are trapped within the creature. Superman then informs The Eradicator that Jon is the heir to the House of El’s linear legacy. The Kryptonian souls agree with Superman, in the form of an illuminated “S” symbol.



As the issue finds its way to a close, Superman takes Jon to the Justice League Watchtower and introduces him to Batman and Wonder Woman as……. SUPERBOY!



Superman #6 was filled with “high spots”, as I call them. Amongst my favorites was seeing Krypto being brought back. After all, Jon will need him, just as Superman did. I also thought that the Kryptonian souls forming an “S” symbol, was very well done, and was also a great way to show their approval of Superman’s decision. Seeing Jon get his own pair of glasses was also “spot”, because Clark briefly talks about needing a dual identity to do what they do.

MY FAVORITE PART WAS… Gleason, alongside Inker Mick Gray emulated an iconic cover of the original Superman #6 from 1940, with the added element of the moon. I have put both pictures below for comparison.


 Superman #7 will be hitting shelves and digital retailers on 9/21!


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