GOTHAM GIRL’s Grief Leads Batman To Bane- According to Tom King

Article written by: Jay Christoph

In an interview with Newsarama, Tom King confirmed the direction that his Batman: Rebirth title will be heading in; INCLUDING Gotham Girl’s marriage to Duke Thomas and the eventual death of Batman.


Credit: Ivan Reis     (DC COMICS)

King went on to say that the super-powered heroine will be a pivotal part of his three-story arc. After the loss of her brother in issue #5, she will become a main focus in the run of stories that will unfold over the next several months. The story arcs mentioned are: “I AM GOTHAM,” “I AM SUICIDE,” and thirdly, “I AM BANE.”

In this month’s Batman #6, with guest artist Ivan Reis, in what King called a “one-and-done,” the writer will explore what Gotham Girl will do next, as she grieves over her brother, and how Batman deals with it; in their own respective ways.


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