Grimm Tales of Terror #11 and Alternate Covers

Article written by: Jay Christoph



Oh, the TERROR!

Having seen the Facebook post about this new release, earlier today, I was dying to get my hands on it. I am  a complete newcomer to the horror genre of comics, so in this field I cannot offer much insight, as to how it held up in the limelight against previous issues in the second volume of Grimm Tales of Terror. What I can offer is a take on the storytelling of the Vanishing Hitchhiker. So without any more contemplation, let’s begin!

The Synopsis and Story

VANISHING HITCHHIKER: “It is ingrained in our minds to be wary of strangers. Travelers often tell tales of hitchhikers with sinister intentions. In this spin on a classic urban legend, a hitchhiker in desperate need of a ride may find himself in for more than he bargained for in this twisted tale from Zenescope Entertainment.”

The story opens up with a veteran salesman, by the name of William; on the road and traveling down Route 66 (of course!) He is seen nodding off and waking from his brief slumber to the startling image of an apparition in the middle of the road, of a woman dressed in 60’s hippy attire.

Our wayward traveler then goes into a diner, set off from the road, to call a tow-truck to his location. As the story progresses, we are given a glimpse into the writing capabilities of Marco Lopez. His depth for the characters is quite reeling. Perhaps the feeling was amplified by my personalized “scary ass music” playlist, but it was an invigorating tale from beginning to end. I’ll break down my personal “high spots” of the issue.

The generous waitress at the diner decides to pass some time with William, by telling him a story that “may seem a little familiar..” She pours him a cup of coffee (on the house! why not!?” and begins to tell her twisted tale of the Vanishing Hitchhiker. She spins the web of imagery within William’s head about The Heartland Brothers;  back in the eighties.. When serial killers were worshipped on-screen. She speaks of a hitchhiker who has gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, the brothers reassure her that she will “get where she needs to be.” The story progresses and we see our hitchhiker turn into a ghoulish shell of her once very pretty self; attacking and ravaging the Heartland’s..

I won’t be saying anymore; because you need to read this for yourself! If this is what Marco Lopez has to bring to the industry, then I can’t wait to read more. His future endeavors will be on my pull-list from now on. I hope to see more of his writing pop up, in the near future.

You can purchase Grimm Tales of Terror #11 through Comixology (along with the rest of volume 1 and 2) and your local comic book shops!


All imagery is brought to you by Zenescope


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