Want to help write articles? Of course! READ THIS!

I started Earth-7269 as nothing but a Facebook page, about three-months ago. It is now being viewed in several countries all over the world! I am beyond grateful to the small fan-base that I have amassed. I give my all in each and every article that I write, and I truly hope it shows! Despite having over 3,000 views on the actual website, it is the Facebook community that I am calling on. Enough of the foreword! Onto why you really clicked on this article!



Yes! Yes, YOU DO! I am searching for a comic enthusiast, like myself, to help in writing some original articles. I will accredit the individual that wrote them, with an editing by-line, by yours truly! Your friendly, neighborhood comic-fan! Upon building the X-FACTOR (trust,) you will be brought on as a full-time news reporter! Free, but hey! It’s fun!


By submitting your application, you buffoon! No, really! You will need to submit the following information to Earth-7269:

  • Name
  • Address (NOT REALLY!)
  • About your love for all things comic book-related!
  • Why you would be a great fit for EARTH-7269!

That’s it! That’s all you need! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? APPLY!

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