Marvel’s Civil War II: X-MEN #2

Article written by: Jay Christoph

Cullen Bunn is at it again with a tie-in story to Marvel’s Civil War II: X-MEN #2.

CHOOSING SIDES – Mutants or Inhumans?

This issue is all about the main theme of Civil War 2’s concept: Choosing sides. The issue opens with the Brood Hive attacking Raleigh, North Carolina and several of our favorite mutants are coming to the aide of the city in peril. We get some banter from the likes of Old Man Logan, Iceman and Magik; the likes of Storm and Captain Marvel are not so light-hearted, though.  Artist Andrea Broccardo and colorist Jesus Aburtov, have made this issue better, in my opinion. Not that it suffered from sub par storytelling, but their imagery has greatly helped the final product.

Captain Marvel has found out that Storm informed Magneto about Ulysses; an inhuman that can predict the future based on algorithms that come from absorbing all sentient energies and then projecting a future based on a prolific conclusion; which could not always be accurate. After debating whether Magneto will truly attack, Captain Marvel tells Storm to treat Magneto like the villain that he is.

Nightcrawler has gone AWOL from his former alliance with Captain Marvel and is now siding with Magneto. He believes that pre-determining the actions of others, is not up to us, going so far as stating that “God does not trade in uncertainty.” Psylocke (who is with Magneto,) tells him that he should not think about starting a war with the Inhumans by going after Ulysses. He gives reassurance to her that war is not his objective, but reconnaissance is.



The coming pages gave a feel of comedic relief from a rather drama induced issue. Fantomex is seen sneaking around The Inhumans base of operations; New Attilian. Gambit is also there.. After Gambit strikes Fantomex’s hand; causing him to drop his gun, the guards of New Attilian are alarmed and venture out to find the cause of the disturbance. Fantomex, whilst brawling; cloaks himself and Gambit from the guards, so as not to incite a war between the three alliances.

The issue then goes on to show a mentally torn Psylocke aboard the Blackbird; Sabretooth in the pilot chair, and they then have a heated debate on how Psylocke does not agree with Magneto’s actions against The Inhumans.. Magneto is seen hearkening back to a quote that Nightcrawler said, earlier in the issue: “The world is full of psychics.” Meaning that, even though they lost Psylocke, there is no shortage of psychics in the world..

X-MEN #2 was a thrilling tale of the three alliances. My personal favorite of this issue is the dialogue between Fantomex and Gambit. It added some great intellectual sarcasm amongst the two cheeky bastards. With Magneto on the look for another psychic, Psylocke parting ways with Magneto and stealing the Blackbird,  and Nightcrawler’s uneasiness toward Ulysses… What can we expect from X-MEN #3??



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