Batman #5 – I AM GOTHAM: Part Five, King & Finch- The Dynamic Duo

Article written by: Jay Christoph

“I AM GOTHAM: Part Five,” is easily the best of the run, so far. It is great to see King and Finch back in the saddles with Batman #5. As much as I loved the previous installments of the series, this one wins by a long-shot, and I will tell you why.


 King once said in an interview about taking on the writing responsibilities of Batman exclusively; “To follow Scott and Greg, I feel like I’m coming up to bat after Babe Ruth and you just have to take that next pitch and hit it out, right?” Hit it out, is exactly what King has done. King has now put himself on the fast-track to being among his proverbial Babe Ruth. With Batman #5, we get a glimpse at high action storytelling, from a man that knows the Batman mantra and understands the mythology, well. Coming off the heels of his killer runs in DC’s New 52; Grayson and Omega Men, King earned himself exclusivity to the Batman title. In five issues, I have fallen in love with his writing style. His attention to character is on par with Snyder, in my humble opinion. It is easy to see why he was given the title.

King gave us a great look at Batman, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Duke, Gotham and Gotham Girl; in the issues leading up to #5. He soared high above my personal expectations when he had Alfred put on the Batsuit as a diversion, and then having the Justice League come to the aid of not only Batman, but Gotham City. We see Batman’s philosophy in full effect and showcased in the issue, with references to being brave, and feeling defeated, weak, helpless, but overcoming the odds. He ends the issue with the apparent death of Gotham, and a hint at what is to come; taglining the next issue “The origin of Gotham Girl. The death of Batman.”

Finch delivered an amazing show in the pages of Batman #5. We see a conviction that radiates out of Gotham, while attacking Batman, and we see the same, vice-versa. His artwork in the moments of Gotham defeating the Justice League, is nothing short of amazing. Seeing the emotions of not only Gotham, hellbent on killing the Caped Crusader, but Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Superman and the Green Lanterns; struggling to defeat the wayward vigilante, is a phenomenal take on the brutality of Gotham and his powers. He also does a wonderful job of entailing the distress of Gotham’s kid sister “Gotham Girl (a.k.a. Claire.) We also get a killer spot, when Batman literally drops a plane onto Gotham. Finch did an amazing job with the emotional ranges throughout this comic, and this splash page was no different!

This issue hit a crescendo when we saw Gotham Girl decide to save the city, Batman, the League, and her brother’s former moral code, when she takes the responsibility upon herself to kill her brother. Finch did a great send off to Gotham, with Gotham Girl clutching him in his arms.

I cannot wait to read more from King and Finch, within the ongoing series. Until next time, earthlings!

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