Michael Jai White wants to play Black Manta in “Aquaman” film

Article information gathered and summarized by: Jay Christoph

Taking to Twitter, actor Michael Jai White graciously responded to a fan who tweeted, “@MichaelJaiWhite for Black Manta.” The actor responded eagerly, saying, “I accept your nomination!” before the Internet then lost its mind. The actor’s account has since been flooded nocompetitionwith fans begging for White to become Black Manta.

The final casting will of course, come down to Warner Bros., but seeing the interest from White is a great thing to see. White is no stranger to comic book adaptations. Starring in 1997’s Spawn, DC’s Justice League Heroes (voice of John Stewart, The Green Lantern) and Arrow. White is also undoubtedly known for his martial arts and action films, which makes his case all the more appealing.

The Black Manta character stands as one of Aquaman’s most well-known and vicious foes. Also known as David, the villainous character’s first appearance was in Aquaman #35. He has always been intrigued with Aquaman’s powers, eventually he grows to despise him and becomes obsessed with defeating our Atlantean hero.

Outfitted in a wetsuit costume and weaponized helmet, Black Manta has always been a hi-tech heavy character (along with some enhanced strength) that has vowed to defeat Aquaman on his own battlegrounds over the years

Article information gathered and summarized by: Jay Christoph

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