The effects of the Supermen and Superwomen in DC’s universe

The World of Supermen

Article written by: Jay Christoph

In a very Supermen-esque filled universe, we are given yet another “SUPER” in “Superwoman” #1. Follow me, as I break down the current Supermen in DC COMICS and the impact that Superwoman could and may have in the future issues.

DC has seemed determined to experiment with how many Supermen the universe can handle.

Superman sacrifices himself to save the world. (Superman Vol.3 #52)

Superman #52

In the aftermath of the death of New 52 Superman (Superman Vol.3 #52), we now have the pre-Flashpoint Superman, his son, Jon, Supergirl, an armored Superman-themed Lex Luthor, a vulnerable and powerless Clark Kent, and we also have the addition of the self entitled “New Super-Man,” Kong Kenan. Now with the debut issue of Superwoman, Lois Lane and Lana Lang have inadvertently gained super-powers and joined the list of “Supermen”

Lana Lang (The second Superwoman)




Okay, that was just a severe play on words. I am not insinuating that Lois is indeed from Krypton, because she is most certainly not! Although, that might be an interesting read.. Anyways.. This issue centers around Lois Lane, but also her partner in this serious new undertaking, none other than the illustrious Lana Lang, and how she helps teach Lois about her new powers. . It is later revealed near the end of the issue that she was also affected by New 52 Superman’s solar explosion.
We are then introduced to a as-of-right now, unknown villain that has proceeded to already kill Superwoman. It seems that the next issue will focus on who the strange person is by Lois’ body. All-in-all, this was a great way to start off the run, although I can see how this series may be overshadowed by the other Supermen of the DC Universe. It will also be easy for people to get “Superman fatigue” from the comics. It seems like this will be the year of “SUPERS”, and people may or may not like that fact. “Superwoman”, I think has the potential for major crossovers and in-depth storylines that could center around Lois & Lana’s struggle with their newfound powers.

Superwoman is already dead? (Superwoman #1)


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