Red Hood and The Outlaws #1

Dark Trinity: Part One – Fathers And Sons

As the comic begins we are introduced to Ma Gunn, in another flashback and she has apparently shot Batman three times; Jason Todd is seen hiding behind a desk and narrating the scene saying: “That was me. Jason Todd. Batman thought he was doing me a favor by enrolling me in Ma Gunn’s Boarding School.

The next page shows Gunn antagonizing Batman, criticizing him and his “brat” for doing enough damage for the night. It is also uncovered that Ma Gunn believes the children in her school are her charges, to help her in crime.

Jason ends up charging at Ma Gunn and tossing her through the window. It then forwards to the same place, but in the present day. Red Hood is seen carrying Ma Gunn to safety in his arms, outside of the burning “School For Wayward Boys” building. Once outside, the building explodes and we are given Jason’s insights into the current situation,  and how he believes none other than Black Mask is behind the explosion at the School for Wayward Boys. We then see through the rather descriptive eyes of Ma Gunn; making a deal with Black Mask, but being turned down. An interesting fact to point out is that the school was empty when the school was bombed. Black Mask didn’t think it would be. Taking a moment to step away from the story… This particular sequence of events proved that Black Mask is just as sadistic as ever. Even going as far as murdering innocent children.


Viewers are treated to Jason’s “cave” and some Batman and Robin flashbacks that show us the training that made Jason such a great detective, and this then leads him to researching Black Mask.


We are then treated as Jason’s hard work pays off as he fights and defeats several people in Black Mask’s gang and earns himself a mask to mask with Roman, himself. The rest of the issue follows Black Mask’s philosophies on business, Gotham City (which was very eloquently worded and one of my personal highlights. How he romanticized Gotham, almost made me be on his side..) and its many diverse citizens. We are also treated to seeing Red Hood being Black Mask’s “second in command”, and some more Batman and Robin scenes that show Batman pulling Jason back from killing.

Black Mask then tells Red Hood that he has learned recently about his men failing to “live up to his expecting standards” and asks Red to make an example out of them. Jason denies him the pleasure of having Red Hood kill his henchmen, stating: “Dead men make lousy henchmen..” The four henchmen are seen begging for mercy, at the hands of Black Mask. Black Mask tells the Red Hood that he respects his reasoning, but he has a business to run. With the push of a trigger, we see all four henchmen die instantaneously and Black Mask expounding on his previous statements. “I like a man who follows his own moral code. It shows character.



The Red Hood is scoping out a train with Black Mask’s “Game Changer, and it is his job to secure said cargo.. Whatever that might be… As the Red Hood gets to the train, he is greeted by somebody saying: “Put your guns away, little one.” The voice is then revealed to be Artemis the Amazon.

Final thoughts

I thought this issue was great, and delved deeply into Jason’s background with not only Ma Gunn, but his training with Batman, and his slight obsession with Black Mask. Black Mask’s dialogue was very well written and even more so, well handled artistically. Be sure to pick this one up. You won’t regret it!

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