Everything we know about the JSA on CW’s Legends of Tomorrow


As seen in the closing moments of CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, we were introduced to Rex Tyler (a.k.a. The Hourman,) after his Waverider crashes in front of the team. He proceeds to tell them that if they step back onto their Waverider, they will all die. How exactly did he know this? A future version of Mick told him so. When they inquire as to who he is, he mentions the Justice Society of America, the predecessor of the renown Justice League. So, this begs the question as to how many members of the illustrious Justice Society, might show up in the second season. Some names were already dropped at SDCC 2016. Names such as: Hourman (being played by Patrick J. Adams,) Citizen Steel (played by Nick Zano,) Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull of iZombie alumni,) Vixen (Maisie-Richardson-Sellers, who will play the grandmother of the Vixen that we see in the animated shorts on CW Seed,) Stargirl (Sarah Grey,) Obsidian and Dr. Mid-Nite. They have also stated that Matt Letscher (The Reverse Flash,a.k.a. Eobard Thawne) will be a season regular, as well. That is already an all-star line-up for the sophomore season of Legends Of Tomorrow. Will we see more of the JSA? Only time will tell.


Legends of Tomorrow’s EP, Marc Guggenheim sent out a post on Twitter that has long-time comic fans more anxious than ever. He revealed the Iconic JSA logo and the meeting table in their headquarters. View the images below.

Legends of Tomorrow returns October, 13th. Only on the CW!

  • Article written by: Jay Christoph
  • Images courtesy of: Marc Guggenheim’s official Twitter
  •  Additional links courtesy of: IMDB.com

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