Bestsellers List – August, 7th, 2016

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Courtesy of Bleeding Cool, we now get to see the top 10 bestsellers of this week, with a surprising no-show by MARVEL. This list is compiled by a number of comic stores from the Wednesday and Thursday sales. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors” sales, which are those who just can’t wait for the weekend to pick up their new comics.

This week’s best-selling comic was unsurprisingly Harley Quinn, beating  both Batman and Suicide Squad REBIRTH.. Walking Dead’s new storyline does make the top ten, but nothing that Marvel Comics has done this week.

Here is the bestsellers of the week…

  • 1. Harley Quinn #1
  • 2. Batman #4
  • 3. Justice League #2
  • 4. Suicide Squad Rebirth #1
  • 5. Superman #4
  • 6. Nightwing #2
  • 7. Green Arrow #4
  • 8. Walking Dead #157
  • 9. Green Lanterns #4
  • 10. Aquaman #4

Having read  Harley Quinn #1, Batman #4, Suicide Squad Rebirth #1, Superman #4 and Green Arrow #4, I am very happy to see them on this list. Be sure to check them out. Great storytelling in all mentioned issues.

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