Aquaman finds a writer


Aquaman has had a lot of light shone on him, ever since his cameo in Dawn Of Justice, and San Diego Comic-Con’s Justice League Sizzler Reel. With Jason Momoa at the helm as our unsu


Will Beall – Newly found AQUAMAN writer

ng hero Aquaman, and James Wan; directing the debut of our seafaring, monster-fighting, fish talking (not really,) aquatic engineer, I believe it to be in great and capable hands. Now, courtesy of Variety, we know the writer that will be at the forefront of the production. Will Beall is going to be under the microscope, as he hopeImage result for Jason Momoa Aquamans to break Aquaman out of the¬†long-casted shadows¬†of its precursed obscurity. Will Beall is entering into the team with the screenplay credit of Gangster Squad and credits of working on ABC’s series Castle.


Look for Aquaman in theatres, on its designated release date, July, 28th, 2018



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