Full Comic Book Television Release Schedule


Courtesy of Newsarama, we now have the complete line-up of all active shows in production, at this time. It has been a long road to get to the status that the comic book industry has attained. Many thought the best we could ever have, would be animation and the ’66 Batman (which I still enjoy immensely, by the way,) however, comics have went right into the stratosphere, as far as media is concerned. Between all the films, animations, and novels that have come out, comic book heroes and villains have begun to rule the world. So with no further adieu.. I present the incredible comic fueled television schedule.


August 2016:
August 19: The Tick, season one (Amazon)
August 21: Fear The Walking Dead, season two: Part two (AMC)
September 2016:
September 19: Gotham, season three (Fox)
September 19: Lucifer, season two (Fox)
September 20: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season four (ABC)
September 30: Luke Cage, season one (Netflix)
October 2016:
October 3: Riverdale, season one (The CW)
October 4: The Flash, season three (The CW)
October 5: Arrow, season five (The CW)
October 10: Supergirl, season two (The CW)
October 13: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, season two (The CW)
October 23: The Walking Dead, season seven (AMC)
Unspecified 2016 – 2017 Midseason:
Powerless, season one (NBC)
iZombie, season two (The CW)
Legion (Fox)
Justice League Action, season one (Cartoon Network)
Vixen, season two (CW Seed)
Unspecified 2017:
Preacher, season two (AMC)
Iron Fist, season one(Netflix)
Defenders, season one(Netflix)
Guardians of the Galaxy, season two (Disney XD)
DuckTales, season one (Disney XD)
Big Hero 6, season one (Disney XD)
Wynonna Earp, season two (Syfy)
Unspecified 2018:
Hilda, season one (Netflix)
Jessica Jones, season two (Netflix)
Daredevil, season three (Netflix)
The Punisher, season one (Netflix)
In Production:
Ant-Man, season one (Disney XD)
Damage Control, pilot (ABC)
Heroes & Villains: The History of Comic Books, season one (AMC)
Krypton, pilot  (Syfy)
Rocket Raccoon & Groot, season one (Disney XD)
Scalped, pilot(WGN)
Tales from the Crypt (TNT)
Untitled X-Men series, pilot (Fox)
In Development:
#4Hero (Machinima)
Amped (USA Network)
Black Magick, with Groundswell Productions
Briggs Land (AMC)
Brooklyn Animal Control (USA Network)
Concrete, Universal Cable Productions
DC’s Hero Project (Machinima)
Deadly Class, with Sony Pictures TV
The Disciples, Universal Cable Productions
Dreadstar, Universal Cable Productions & Benderspink
Empire of the Dead, Demarest
Essex County (CBC)
Five Ghosts (Syfy)
Harrow County, Universal Cable Productions
Hawaiian Dick (NBC)
Lazarus, with Legendary TV
Letter 44 (Syfy)
Rasl, Parks+MacDonald
Red, (NBC)
Scarlet (Cinemax)
Sex Criminals, with Universal TV
Sinatoro, Universal Cable Productions & Depth of Field
Southern Bastards (FX)
Static Shock, Warner Bros.
Umbrella Academy, Universal Cable Productions
Watchmen, (Warner Bros. / Cruel & Unusual Films)
The Wicked + The Divine, with Universal Cable Productions
Y: The Last Man (FX)
Untitled Marvel Comedy (ABC)
Untitled John Ridley Mystery Marvel ‘Superhero Reinvention’ Series (ABC)

All listings courtesy of Newsarama

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