Coming out of the back-pages of “RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS” REBIRTH: #1, is DC’s spotlight on “TEEN TITANS” Word for word as the page explains..

When writer Benjamin Percy looks at the Teen Titans, he sees endless possibilities . But for his opening arc in September, there could be only one focus – bringing Damian Wayne to the team.

“Teen Titans is one of the most dynamic and legendary series in comics history, and I couldn’t be more excited to take it on,” expounds the writer. “The diverse roster of characters offers an endless turnstile of narrative possibilities.

Damian gives us detective stories. Raven gives us fantasy and horror. Starfire gives us sci-fi, Beast Boy gives us comedy. Kid Flash gives us a dose of everything, but especially human drama, as the rookie of the team and the member who typically has the biggest heart and acts as a man of the people. There are so many emotional and narrative layers to explore, worlds of storytelling in one book”

But before the team can work together, they have to be formed, and Bruce Wayne’s son has an interesting idea on how to gather his handpicked roster and convince them to help the Boy Wonder find his grandfather Ra’s al Ghul: hunt and kidnap them.

“He’s a Napoleonic figure: physically compact but otherwise a giant,” explains Percy. “Yes, he is a brilliant and incomparable warrior, but he’s also a megalomaniac. He has great potential as a leader – except that he is unable to follow. His forcefulness will reunite the Teen Titans, but it can’t hold them together.”

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