Coming directly from the back-pages of DC Comics, is what we can expect from the upcoming “SUICIDE SQUAD” series. It is taken word for word, from DC Comics.

Jim Lee knows what you are thinking. Jumping on as the ongoing artist of a twice-monthly shipping SUICIDE SQUAD? The often-at-the-drawing-board Co-Publisher of DC Comics might be just as suicidal as the characters he’s beginning to draw.
“It sounds counterintuitive to put someone who has been ‘deadline-challenged’ on a twice-monthly book,” says Lee. “I’m leading by example. Were asking creative teams to collaborate on a deep level.”

Teaming with writer Rob Williams on the script and rotating with artist Philip Tan, Lee says the foundation of the new Squad book rests on the trio’s ability to tell seamless stories.

“I was excited by the opportunity to collaborate with Rob Williams, a writer I’ve been following and admiring for years, who’s done very creative, interesting work,” explains Lee. “The fact that Philip (Tan) is local, makes SUICIDE SQUAD more exciting for me, because we can get together and go over layouts and tighten up the continuity of the book.

“This process is about Philip and I working together in concert with Rob to create a seamless experience for the reader,” Lee continues. “To play to our strengths as storytellers, be creative and deliver something unexpected.”

For a first look at Lee’s SUICIDE SQUAD, we sat down with the artistic trendsetter and found out his plans for Harley, why Killer Croc is his favorite and why he wanted to join the Squad:

  • “I love that they’re all lovable losers. These are all villains not good enough to escape Amanda Waller, but who have enormous responsibility. I love the idea that they could possibly redeeem themselves.”
  • “I’m really looking forward to doing some cool choreography with Katana. I think she’s a character that is going to break out in a big way.”
  • “Unlike a lot of franchise books, the premise of SUICIDE SQUAD allows for characters to be killed. That brings a gravity to every situation thays distinguishable from the rest of the line.

SUICIDE SQUAD #1 Will be available August, 17th. Reserve your copy now!

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