In today’s Superman #3,  we see a major death, and yet another appearance of the newest incarnation of The Eradicator!  Read on for more information!

What does The Eradicator want?

The answer to that is quite simple. Longtime fans of DC COMICS will recognise the formidable foe from his appearances in the “Funeral For A Friend”, and “The Reign Of The Supermen” story arcs.

The Eradicator was a former Kryptonian superweapon created by none other than: General Zod, and his sole purpose was to preserve that of Kryptonian culture and rid the planet of any colonists that tried to leave and disrupt the purification of the alien race.

The new Eradicator, however is of a different kind. He is highlighted in the latest issue of Superman, in a BIG WAY. He is partly an enemy of Superman, and also a protector of him, as well (in his own way). He is indeed more fascinated with Superman and Lois Lane’s son; Jon. Wanting to purify him and recreate the Kryptonian race out of a pure DNA, and so he tries to eradicate Lois’s DNA from the fledgling young Superboy.

Below you will see the major supporting character whom has been killed, possibly?

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Now given Jon’s past with animals (him fire roasting his kitten, and all), one could imagine the hatred that will develop within him. So, is Krypto really dead? Within the issue, The Eradicator said he is also a multi-dimensional portal, so could he have sent our beloved Krypto, to the Phantom Zone? We may not have seen the last of Krypto, but might be a good while before he reappears.

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