The Flash’s ongoing series has returned with “Lightning Strikes Twice: Part II”!Detective August Heart has been given the gift of the speed force, while trying to stop a terrorist group called Black Hole, he was struck by lightning. 

Flash tries to teach August how to use his arms to create a wind vortex, how to run, and how to sustain himself, due to higher metabolism, and how to adapt to the Speed Force, as a whole. This issue features Iris West, the other Wally West, among others.

While trying to get a report from apolice officer at S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris is told that Black Hole’s leader’s name is: Dr. Carver. Unfortunately, Carver had henchmen planted at the scene..

A little bit later we see Iris being kidnapped by none other than… Black Hole! The Flash races to save her, but Black Hole and Dr. Carver have a new kind of technology to test on our superhero. On a side note.. The Flash has told August to not intervene, because he may get hurt..

Iris West makes a daring escape from the back of a black van (ironic, eh?), into The Flash’s arms. Once Iris is on safe grounds, he races off to capture the criminals. As he approaches the van, the gun is fired at him and he collapses to the ground saying “I haven’t felt pain like this since The Black Racer!” Just as they are about to capture or end Flash, in comes August! 

It’s Raining, Speedsters!

Once the dust has settled down, another storm comes out of nowhere. Not just any storm but, a Speed  Force storm! How will Flash manage so many Speedsters!? We’ll find out next month in THE FLASH REBIRTH: issue #3 “Speed City”.


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