Brian Michael Bendis is at it again, with yet another amazing team in Sara Pichelli as an amazing artist, and a major bonus with Justin Ponsor as the colorist. The Marvelous trio have reintroduced Miles Morales, and it does not disappoint! Having read all of the current issues, it is a very interesting storyline. So let’s break some key things down.
Villainous Appearances (SPOILERS AHEAD)

In the very first issue we get treated to an epic showdown between Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, and Blackheart! (How cool is that demonic dude!?)

We see in the second issue, the first appearance of Black Cat, Hammerhead, and the namedropping of Wilson Fisk

Finding The Balance

Miles has a reoccurring issue, in which he can’t seem to find a balance between being a full time hero and a high school zero. With the help of his buddy Ganke Lee, Miles is trying to overcome his problem. You also get an interesting character introduction of Goldballs… Miles’ parents assume he is on drugs because of his bad grades. Yikes!

The Private Investigator

Miles’ grandmother has decided to keep tabs on Miles’ comings and goings, with the help of no other than Jessica Jones!

Spider-Man is 5 ISSUES in and is not disappointing it’s fans. Do yourself a favor, and pick this title up!


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