Choose your side: Marvel’s Civil War II


We are only two issues deep into the outstanding eight issue series being helmed by famed writer, Brian Michael Bendis & the tremendous artistry by equally of fame, David Marquez.


  1. Civil War II opens with a scared man running through the woods, begging something to stop. Pleading with someone to make it stop. This now introduces The Inhumans. They tell this man who is later found to be named Ulysses, that they can help him with his powers.
  2. Let’s fast forward a few weeks (as does the comic timeline..) The Avengers, and The Ultimates are engaged in a vicious battle with an unknown giant space monster. Upon Thor and the other Avengers’ epic arrival, Iron Man says “It’s time. Oh, Doctor…” we now get our first glimpse of The Ultimates. Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Wiccan, amongst several others, conjoin their sorcerous power and destroy that giant space monkey from who knows where.. Oh, and also the bad ass Inhumans helped in the victory..
  3. We later find out that Ulysses has the power to see the future, and Tony Stark being the paranoid billionaire that he is, wants to know every single detail.. Captain Marvel (who is on Stark’s side cannot believe his paranoia..) After ranting and raving at a toast made to The Inhumans for a job well done, Stark now targets them.
  4. The Death Of Rhodey drove Iron Man to the breaking point to where he entered New Atilian (The Inhumans Home), abducted Ulysses, slightly tortured him, and now has everyone pitted against each other.

The Death of The Avengers

The second issue closes with Ulysses having another vision, this time of The Hulk destroying everyone and everything. Once Captain Marvel finds this out, she with haste goes to Dr. Banner, and says that he needs to come with her..

Unanswered Questions

So far, the two issues have presented many questions, but not near as many answers. With six more issues to flush out all the questions, it will be exciting to see where allegiances lie amongst The Avengers, Ultimates, Inhumans, etc…

Marvel’s Civil War II #3 hits comic book stores, and online retailers in August! 

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