What does season 2 of Legends Of Tomorrow hold?

wp-1468096987094.pngIn the debut season of Legends of Tomorrow, the show took DC Comics’ CW Arrow-verse straight into the stratosphere. Combing through time and space itself to stop the main villain Vandal Savage.

With much anticipation I will try to break down some of the things I think could happen in the second season.

Hourman and his society

Coming off the heels of not one, not two, but three battles with Vandal Savage, in three different time periods, our heroes finally got the chance to breathe.. That is until an all new quest found them.

A Waverider from the future crashed right in front of them, and as a hooded figure stepped out, he revealed himself to be Rex Tyler. The Hourman!

Hourman may sound familiar to avid comic book readers and collectors alike. He has had countless adventures with his merry band of misfits, The JSA.. 

Despite not showcasing any other names of members from the JSA, Rex Tyler assured our Legends of Tomorrow that he was not in this alone..

Members of the society include, but not limited to: Jay Garrick, Hawkman, Power Girl, Damage, Atom Smasher, the original Sandman, as well as the original Green Lantern, Star Spangled Girl, and my personal favorite: Doctor Fate. It is hard to say what CW’s breakout show will do with the provided roster, but the possibilities are endless. May we even see Booster Gold get a chance to shine? Let’s find out when DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” returns!

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