Batman #2

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The second issue of Batman opens up a bit differently than issue one left off at. Instead of having Gotham and Gotham Girl, conversing with Batman, it opens with Solomon Grundy (Born on a monday, yada, yada, you get the picture), fighting both Gotham and Gotham Girl by Gotham City’s; Statue Of Justice. They are getting quite handled by Grundy, so much so that Gotham gets flung into Lady Liberty, err, I mean Justice,and cracks her in half. Poor gal.. It then shows a smoke screen,and just as Solomon inches closer to it, out pops Batman!

Batman literally slams Grundy to the ground and proceeds to trash talk him a bit. Batman tells Gotham and Gotham Girl that they need to do better, and to be better. The two new Gotham City heroes ask Batman if he’ll train them.Fast forwarding a bit, here..and by the way, Alfred has some great comedic relief moments in this issue. Jim Gordon comes face to face with the man who set Grundy free! Before the man proceeds to stab himself. That’s unfortunate.. He did rant about some Monster Men, though, so that’s good..

All in all issue #2 had some great high spots. It features an appearance of Dr. Hugo Strange, and Amanda Waller, as well as Thomas Duke. It didn’t have much in the way of shocking moments, but definitely a worthwhile read, and one I’ll gladly read again.


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