Batman #1


It is a bit odd to think of the vast differences between Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo’s Batman #1 from 2011. They prominently featured iconic threats and an entirely new menacing society to the table. THE COURT OF OWLS! In this number one edition, however, the threat is that of a falling airplane. Holy Wingspan, Batman! (okay, I’m good..)

Tom King is proving just what he can do with this series. Of all the comics in the DC UNIVERSE, Batman was the one that needed an actual reboot the least, and it’s nice to see them following this. I can definitely get into this comic, as I am a HUGE Batman fan, but it is also a great time for newcomers to start. In this issue, they also introduce two new people to the fold: GOTHAM & GOTHAM GIRL, but I will get to that in a bit.

I AM GOTHAM: PART ONE opens up with an airliner descending into Gotham and a random kid staring out at the Bat Signal. Enter: Commissioner, Jim Gordon and Batman. They begin to discuss how Batman knew about a top-secret raid on Fort Marshall, and how missiles have been stolen, and they have spotted one of the culprits. Unfortunately, that plane I mentioned.. It is now on fire and going down, and fast. Batman tells Alfred to put out a message for the Justice League. Specifically Hal and Clark, but when he can’t get ahold of them.. Batman tells Alfred “this is HIS city”, and that he will save it, himself. He does however ask Duke for help with correct angles for projecting himself out of the Batmobile, it would seem..

Batman ends up launching himself from the Batmobile, onto the plane. He soon prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice, and this features a heartfelt brief conversation with Alfred. As Bruce prepares to see his parents, once more, he is saved by GOTHAM & GOTHAM GIRL…

This issue was an exceptionally well told story, and is definitely among my favorites of the new #1’s that DC has offered. Thanks for reading! This is Jay, of Earth – 7269!

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